Southeast Michigan Pagan Family Events

It’s hard sometimes to find family friendly events, or events just for our younger family members here in the region sometimes. Here’s a list of everything I know of, current as of February 2015 – if you have any other suggestions or updates, please use the contact form to let me know.

I know there’s a SpiralScouts group here in the metro Detroit area.

USOAM is planning something scout-oriented. They also hosted the Little Witches Ball last October and are planning to do so again.

There are 3 facebook groups in the area (one generally Macomb county based, one generally Oakland, and one generally Wayne) – one is pretty good about having playdates for the Sabbats, the other two (one of them I run) are less organized. If you’re interested in any of them, message me on Facebook.

Witches of Michigan has family friendly pot-luck events every month.

Convocation has a family track in programming, and is planning a teen track for 2015.

Pagan Pathways Temple is planning kid and teen classes, but haven’t seen anything yet.

Pagan Pride Detroit has kid and family oriented events.

Michigan Pagan Fest will have children’s programming this year.

Crossroads Tabernacle Church (Wiccan, and an ATC affiliate) is family friendly and special needs friendly.

Gibbous Moon Circle has a young goddess program for girls 4 – 18.

House of Bastet has a program for young girls.

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