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Hi mama!

I see you over there – lurking on Pagan parenting boards, wishing your family could be as active as some people seem to be. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart on a broom, but you gotta wonder how some of those people always have Pinterest perfect pictures, you know? Do they just not sleep? Do they have house elves?

I know you want your spiritual life to be more integrated with your regular life.


Busy Mom

You know that a daily spiritual practice is a good way to bring more connection between your spiritual life and your daily life.

It’s overwhelming some days just being a parent– much less becoming Sunday School teacher and scout leader and family priestess all at the same time on top of your regular life. And including your family is important, but often feels like one more thing on top of a zillion other things.

I have learned over the years that I have to take time to feel my soul, or there’s nothing left to stay on top of all the chaos. So I’ve been building little tiny moments into our days for a while now, in order to both give me a bit of sanity, and to deepen my spiritual life. But I want to take it to a new level, and I want to bring you with me. I’d like to invite you on a little journey with me

 Ruby Slippers is a journey of small stepping stones to build daily habits.



So, where are we going on this journey?

ruby slippers

Well, as Dorothy says, clicking her Ruby Slippers, “There’s No Place Like Home” – we will have 4 weeks of explorations, each giving an opportunity to bring more spirituality, by way of small daily practices, into our homes and families. For each area, we’ll experiment with a few changes to our routines, and report back on how it’s working, giving each of us some accountability in the exercise as well.

This year, we’ll be starting July 6th.

  • Week 1 (July 6): The Farm, Home Sweet Home. Build a family altar – a home base for the family’s spiritual life.

  • Week 2 (July 13): Arrival in Oz – though we’re not landing on a witch this time! Add a morning practice for you or your whole family – maybe it’s a quiet start for you, or maybe you’ll bring the whole family in on the experience

  • Week 3 (July 20): Sleeping in the Poppy Fields. Grow a family evening spiritual practice – wind down for the day, capping off your daily spiritual practice

  • Week 4 (July 27): Emerald City! Create a family spiritual practice around meal time – food nourishes our body, and it’s a perfect time to nourish our souls together

You’ll gain access to a private facebook group for all those taking the challenge. There will be gifts for participation and for completing all 4 weeks of the challenges.

Price: $39

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