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What’s MoonDay School? It’s the Pagan version of Sunday School, often held the day of full moon rituals by groups with a big enough membership for religious education offerings.

One of the tough things about being a Pagan Parent is that so much of it is do-it-yourself – most of us don’t have established houses of worship (or even worship groups) with active child education programs (and if you do, you’re probably on the committee to write those lesson plans yourself anyway). Many of us would love to have even a few Pagan friends with children of similar ages to ours, and even that is sometimes out of reach.

And that’s where this part of my site comes in. The goal here is two-fold: one, to help Pagan parents connect with each other, and two, to provide pre-written curriculum plans for MoonDay School and for childrens’ areas at festivals, including all the instructions for crafts, all the stories, links to other information, and so on, so that you have help when it comes to teaching your child about the Gods and Goddesses, Wheel of the Year, and more.

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