Available Workshops


Custom Runes – as an accomplished runestone maker, I will bring dozens of types of tumbled stones and other materials. Participants can select their own stones, which I will then take back to my studio and make into a set of runes to be shipped back to the customer, or customers can select from the already-complete sets I bring with me.

Pendulum Basics – Almost anything can be used as a pendulum, and you can easily carry one in your pocket or purse, giving you a powerful tool for dowsing, divination, and space clearing all in one. This is an introductory course on using a pendulum, and will involve both yes/no type usage and pendulum charts. Bring a pendulum if you have one, or instructor will have some for sale.

Arts and Crafts

Dream Catchers – Make your own dreamcatcher. I will provide a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional materials, along with plenty of individual instruction. A small materials fee will apply.

Pentacle Earrings – Long before I was Pagan, when I was about 12, my mother brought me a photograph of “star” earrings from a newspaper; a shop was looking for people to make them. While I didn’t know how to make them, between my beadwork experience and my mathematical skills, I worked out a way to make them myself. You too can learn to make these cute 1″ pentacles from seed beads. Small materials fee applies.

Instant Spell Paper – who needs parchment for spells? Learn to make your own paper for spells, one ritual at a time, using colors, herbs, and oils specifically for the ritual you’re doing. No special equipment needed; weave your spell work right into the paper it’s written on! A small materials fee will apply, and you’re welcome to bring your own materials too.

Intro to Calligraphy – It doesn’t matter how your regular handwriting looks, anyone can learn to do decorative lettering. This class will introduce different types of calligraphy pens and an initial alphabet for practice, plus discuss other techniques and sources for other alphabets.  Make your Book of Shadows look awesome, or just address your Yule cards nicely next year!

Pagan Parenting

Grounding and Centering for Parents – Learn suggestions and methods for helping young children (infants, toddlers, and preschoolers) to ground and center.

A Magical Night’s Sleep – Do your children (or you!) wake up at 3 am and struggle to fall back asleep? Are nightmares a regular problem? If you’ve tried all the mundane things that are supposed to help with a sounds night’s sleep, and you’re still struggling, maybe it’s time to try something more magical. We’ll discuss several different modalities with many suggestions to allow you to tailor your solution to your specific circumstances.


Magical Oil Make-and-Take – Learn about making your own magical blends and how to use them. Leave the class with several oils ready for you to charge them as appropriate for various magical tasks.

Oils For the Immune System – Learn about how to safely use essential oils to help support your immune system. We’re a brand-free zone here (we have our favorites) but will be speaking in more general terms than in terms of specific brands.

Oils For Emotions – Learn about how essential oils can help support mental health. We’re a brand-free zone here (we have our favorites) but will be speaking in more general terms than in terms of specific brands.

Oil Rollerball Make-and-Take – Learn about using oils for mundane issues, and leave with several rollerballs full of oil ready to use as needed!

Flower Essences

Intro to Bach Flowers – just the basics! 38 flower remedies, their history, and lots of ways to use them. Bach Flower Remedies are a vibrational healing tool that works on an energetic level to bring your emotional side (and thus your physical body) back into balance.

Flower Essences Around the World – learn about other systems of flower essences, from the Americas to Australia and beyond. Learn how to make your own and how to use them, and how to learn about what any flower is good for.

Energy Work

Reiki I – Reiki is a universal energy that can be used to create deep relaxation that can lead to healing. Dr. Mikao Usui introduced this system, and it is now used worldwide. This class will teach you the history of Reiki, the Reiki symbols, and the basics of giving Reiki to yourself and others. It will end with your Level I attunement.

Reiki II – Reiki II introduces the ideas of giving Reiki over distances and time. It looks at more in depth ways to work with Reiki on yourself and others.  You will receive your Reiki II attunement at the end. If you have not done Reiki I with me, please bring your certificate showing your Reiki I certification.

Reiki III/Master/Teacher – Reiki III/Master allows the practitioner to teach others and perform attunements. You will learn more about using Reiki in many different circumstances and will learn to do attunements and practice them on each other.

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