Pagan Playgroup 101


Even before I had kids, I wanted them to have friends who celebrated our holidays and who talked about Goddesses along with their Gods. Honest to goodness tree hugging playmates, who wouldn’t stop asking to come over and play just because one of us wore a pentacle. We were involved in SpiralScouts early on, and then dropped out when we really got deep into the realms of infertility.

children running in a field of dandelions

Then I became a parent, and realized just how many Pagan groups and events don’t want anything to do with kids, and how many are completely clueless:

* I found that one local group that has no family friendly events

* I found another local group that claims to be family oriented but doesn’t actually offer anything for kids, and turns them away from events that are clearly not “adult only”

* And then one local event’s idea of “children’s activities” involves a box of crayons (don’t get me wrong, crayons are awesome, but they’re not going to keep most kids busy for hours), a stack of paper, and nothing else.

And THEN my kids went to school, and I saw flyers come home from all sorts of after school clubs, and invites to come get “free” Christmas gifts in exchange for sermons, and….well….it was a little frustrating.

So…I started my own group.

And I can show you how to do it too!


We’ll work through the details of starting your own group in the next month, no matter where you are.

Week 1: Discover local resources

Week 2: Set your intention

Week 3: Start communicating

Week 4: Outreach and advertising

Week 5: Plan your first event

And,  Bonus:

Week 6: Longer Term Planning


5 weeks of lessons by email (both video and text), plus the bonus activities, are just $49


5 weeks of lessons by email, the bonus activities, and a 30-minute strategy session with me is just $99