Cupped hands with light flaresReiki 1&2 online workshop, featuring a mix of reading, audio/video, online discussion, and live chats. Attunements will be scheduled individually.  $100




A Magical Night’s Sleep is my newest course, all about magical ways to help your family sleep better. If you or your child has trouble getting to sleep, this is the course for you. You can take the online course, or upgrade to a whole kit. Get all the details here!



Planning Pagan Holiday Celebrations, is here! It includes seven lessons and three downloadable planning forms. The course is FREE, so sign up and check it out – you’ll get 7 emails detailing steps for planning your holiday celebrations, along with access to the class’s page where you can download helpful planning forms, and download the entire class in one file. I’ll be adding links and resources to that page as time passes too.




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