Bring the Workshop to You!

Have you ever thought that you’d like to get a group of friends together, have some snacks and drinks, and learn something or make something? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s set up your workshop, and then you invite your friends – you provide the space and the food, and I’ll bring the workshop to you. Minimum 3 people, host or hostess gets their workshop for free if you have 10 paid attendees or more.

Reiki I/II – the basics of Reiki, both on those near you and on those far away. We cover history, methods, and use of symbols. This is an all day class, or could be two shorter days.

Reiki for Parents – Learn more about using Reiki, a calming energy healing method, with your children. Reiki is good for healing, sleep, and many other things that happen to our children.  No Reiki attunement?  No problem, we can arrange that!

All Natural Household Cleaning – an hour, plus or minus, talking about natural cleaning options, and we’ll make 3 products for class members to take home with them.

Intro to Bach Flowers – just the basics! 38 flower remedies, their history, and lots of ways to use them. Bach Flower Remedies are a vibrational healing tool that works on an energetic level to bring your emotional side (and thus your physical body) back into balance.

Flower Essences Around the World – learn about other systems of flower essences, from the Americas to Australia and beyond. Learn how to make your own and how to use them, and how to learn about what any flower is good for.

Make your own Dream Catcher – Weave your own web, and create your very own dream catcher. Don’t worry – I’m an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux tribe, and we will talk about the history of dream catchers and what to look for when buying your own.

Calligraphy 101 – You’ve always wanted to add those extra flourishes to your book of shadows or the addresses on your Christmas cards, haven’t you? Now you can. I’ll provide the pens and paper and instructions, and send you home with plenty to practice with.

Vision Boards – Not just any vision board workshop, this 5-6 hour class covers how and why we set goals, what vision boards do for us, and helps each person gain clarity around what they want out of life before creating the board to represent that.

Magical Oil Make-and-Take – Learn about making your own magical blends and how to use them. Leave the class with several oils ready for you to charge them as appropriate for various magical tasks. [1]

Oils For the Immune System – Learn about how to safely use essential oils to help support your immune system. We’re a brand-free zone here (we have our favorites) but will be speaking in more general terms than in terms of specific brands. [1]

Oils For Emotions – Learn about how essential oils can help support mental health. We’re a brand-free zone here (we have our favorites) but will be speaking in more general terms than in terms of specific brands. [1]

Oil Rollerballs – Learn about using oils for mundane issues, and leave with several rollerballs full of oil ready to use as needed! Topics available include kids, moods, perfumes, wellness, skincare, chakras, yoga/meditation, men, brides, and moms & babies. Discount available if you provide your own essential oils [1]

A Magical Night’s Sleep – Do your children (or you!) wake up at 3 am and struggle to fall back asleep? Are nightmares a regular problem? If you’ve tried all the mundane things that are supposed to help with a sounds night’s sleep, and you’re still struggling, maybe it’s time to try something more magical. We’ll discuss several different modalities with many suggestions to allow you to tailor your solution to your specific circumstances.

Reiki for Kids – A Reiki I class just for kids. Typically about 4 hours in length. Kids get a book, crystal, and attunement.

Yoga for Kids – I am a Pretzel Kids™ certified instructor, and can teach yoga workshops for kids of all ages and abilities. Typical class is 30-60 minutes depending on age.

Mindfulness for Kids – using the Stress Free Kids™ curriculum, I have 4 workshops on mindfulness and breathing techniques for children of all ages.


[1]Everyone has their favorite brands, so these workshops are brand neutral. I no longer support MLM/Direct Sales based brands due to concerns about their handling of issues related to protected species and testing.