Originally published on, August 2000 Darkness shines Through my window tonight. This may seem strange, But you see, The darkness clothes me In a pearly softness And only the stars And the waning crescent moon Show through. And darkness shines Through my window tonight


Darkness and Shadow

Originally published on, October 2000 Clothed in Darkness, Shrouded in Light, Moon skims the sky, Forever in flight. Cloked in Shadow, Exceedingly bright, Puts on a show, Glorious sight. Deep in the Darkness, Glowing and White, Moon travels slowly, Night after night. Hidden in shadow, Fallen from height, Leaves as a view, Morning sunlight.

Essays, Modern American Polytheism

The Philosophy of Modern American Polytheism

I've explained before that I am a Modern American Polytheist. Here, in a nutshell, is what I think Modern American Polytheism means. Definitions First, Polytheism. Polytheists believe in more than one (and usually more than 2) deities. Whether you worship/honor more than one deity is irrelevant - obviously, no one could worship every God and… Continue reading The Philosophy of Modern American Polytheism