Fairy Wing Fridays

Girl in fairy wings blowing bubbles


So, I’m taking this class on marketing and branding (because I feel like it’s something that is not one of my strong points). The lovely Kris Oster of  Mythic Rhythm has been talking in her Return to Enchantment workshop about mythology and archetypes and that sort of thing, which is right up my alley.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our homework assignments was:

As the CEO of your Mythic Brand, write a memo to all of your employees asking them to make pleasure + play a number 1 priority + tell them WHY. Give them suggestions HOW to do it. 

Now, I didn’t write a memo. But the why this business stuff ought to be focused on fun is that I’m working with kids and families. And magic. And things like summer camps and festivals. For Goodness’ sake, how can this not be fun?? More glitter. More glue. More mud. Forget casual Fridays, it’s now Fairy Wing Fridays!

And with that statement…an idea was born.

So, here it is, the first Fairy Wing Friday.

What is Fairy Wing Friday?

Fairy Wing Fridays are kind of  like Casual Fridays (which is funny, because my day-job employer recently decided that jeans were ok any day of the week….but our manager did ask the supervisors to keep their hideous Hawaiian shirts to Fridays only).  But Fairy Wing Fridays are more magical than ugly shirts. Fairy Wing Fridays starts with fairies.

So. On my facebook or Google+ pages, post a photo of you, your child, or someone you know wearing fairy wings, or artwork with fairies or other magical beings (please only post images you have the rights to, or provide credit to the person the image belongs to). Each week, there will be a question – feel free to answer it or not, even if you don’t post something fairy-like.

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