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Give Away: M. Flora Peterson Collection

A couple weeks ago, I reviewed M. Flora Peterson’s The Simple Sabbat, a book with lots of ideas for Sabbat celebrations. I emailed Ms. Peterson to ask if she’d send me a copy of the book to give away to one of my readers, and she said, “Yes!”

So, I was quite surprised when the package from her arrived – it was bigger than I anticipated. That would be because there wasn’t just a copy of The Simple Sabbat, there were 3 books and 2 CDs – all of her publications.

M. Flora Peterson's books and CDs

The winner of this give away will get all 5 items (total value is approximately $65) – The Simple Sabbat,  The Yay Factor Daily Guide (a suggestion for each day of the year, plus an affirmation for each day, based on Ms. Peterson’s coaching practice), Flora’s Fragrances (a simple and practical handbook for essential oil use), the Earth Affirmations CD (affirmations to connect you to the Earth energies around you), and The Yay Factor Daily Affirmations CD (affirmations of the form I Am, which go along with The Yay Factor Daily Guide)

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3 thoughts on “Give Away: M. Flora Peterson Collection”

  1. I LOVE the Simple Sabbat book. Even though I celebrate alone, it’s been a great addition to my library! I have been following her for a few years now and even downloaded all her Charming Pixie Flora videos off of YouTube in case she took them down! lol I have been wanting her other books and whatnot for sometime now. This would be a stupendous win for me, should I get it!

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