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The Family Altar

We’re in the midst of creating a family altar here, in a little corner of the kitchen counter.

My friend, Lydia Crabtree, wrote about a Family Light – a candle or lantern that the family burns every evening to symbolize the love and warmth of the family. It can also be burned when someone in the family needs more energy, or when someone is away from home so they know you’re still thinking of them, even though they’re not there. We can’t leave things burning at our house, but we do have something to symbolize our family on our new altar – a small crystal dish with a stone representing each person.

This turned out to be particularly fortuitous timing – a dear friend put an offer in on the house across the street from us about the same time I started this project, and I asked her to add a stone for herself to the dish.


Beyond that, we have salt and water bowls, an incense burner, and a sage bundle. We’re keeping it simple right now, but with this right near the stove in a spot that we see every day, I’m hoping it gets a lot of use.

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