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Review: WiccaCraft for Families

WiccaCraft for Families, by Margie McArthur

I’ll be doing a give-away of this book next week – stay tuned!

My copy of this book, along with the one I’ll be giving away next week, have a different cover image – a family in front of a fireplace, lighting a candle. Somehow, it seems more fitting than the image pictured above.

Since Amazon no longer carries this book, I’m guessing it’s out of print – especially since some stores selling through Amazon are listing it at $50 or more. It was originally published in 1994 – before I even really knew there was such a thing as Wicca.

This book has 2 basic parts: Sabbats, and Rites of Passage.

For each Sabbat, there is an explanation of the holiday, recipes, suggested activities, songs, and a ritual. Each ritual includes some story telling or drama-based portions, along with more typical ritual framework ideas.

In the Rites of Passage portion, rituals are given for most of the sorts of rites of passage families will experience.

I like this book a lot – the rituals are more complex than some books have, which is definitely a plus if your children are a little older. It includes info on prayers, moons, altars, and living gently with the world around us. It’s meant to be practical rather than philosophical, and it does that well – it’s the sort of book you can come back to as the Wheel turns and quickly put together a celebration without a lot of stress.

I know I use it more as a reference than as a guide to anything, so if you’re looking for how to talk to your children about being Wiccan, this isn’t the book to start with. And the suggested reading at the end is listed out by chapter, making it a really great guide. There’s also a list of resources at the back, but since this was published 20 years ago, many of them are no longer around.

All in all, a great book, with great info.


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