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When the Weather Disagrees with the Wheel

snow covered yards and road
Snowy morning from an upstairs window


The streets are covered with snow again this morning. It’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day around here – and Imbolc was 2 weeks ago. While the days are clearly getting longer….we’re still also clearly in the grips of a more intense winter than we’re used to here. Not that we’re not used to snow, mind you – this is Michigan. But it’s rare in recent years for snow to last more than a few days…and some  of this snow is 6 weeks old.

Last month was our snowiest January on record. And the hits just keep coming, here and elsewhere. There’s been multiple hard core ice storms with snow in the deep south. Power outages in the east. My grandmother’s place in South Dakota had their earliest major storm on record back in early October.

Mother Nature, I think, wants us to remember that she calls the shots. While we are better at predicting the weather than ever before, predicting a blizzard is not the same as surviving it. And the best we can do with some weather (like tornados) is to tell half a state to watch out…the few minutes of warning that we can give now is considered a huge improvement over the past.

Since Ostara here is usually still covered in snow, and even Beltane is still at risk of being below freezing, it’s hard to talk about these holidays as “spring” holidays. In talking to the kids this year, I’ve been focusing on sunlight (which they can see) and that warmer weather is coming, even if we can’t see any signs of it yet.

How do you deal with holidays that don’t match up with your local weather?

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