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Teaching Pagan Stuff to a Non-verbal Child

This year I’m buckling down and trying to do a little something for each Sabbat. One of the challenges at our house is that my children don’t talk (well, ok, Acorn says a couple dozen words, in varying approximations).

So, several of us have been working on creating PCS (Picture Communication System) images using Boardmaker’s built in tools. If you’ve worked with any special education program, you’ve probably seen these pictures which are simplified images used to help non-verbal kids communicate, and to help kids who can’t read know what to expect next.

For Imbolc, we’re going to be making bird feeders, and we’ll be starting our exploration of various Pagan topics with the kids, using the symbols. Here’s hoping this goes well – picture exchange is a new idea for Leaf this year, and Acorn is sort of iffy about it, because he prefers his communication device.

I’m still not sure what we’re going to do about an altar – our Pagan nurse quit over agency drama, so we’re going to have a slew of new people in here again, and I’m not sure an altar would go over well.

What other non-traditional teaching methods do you use with your children?

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