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Review: Pagan Children Learning Series, Books 1-3

Pagan Children Learning Series: 

Who is a Witch?

What is Magic?

What are the Elements? 

written by Rowan Moss, Illustrated by T.S. Lamb


I can’t quite recall where I heard about these books first, but they are written and illustrated by local-to-me members of the Pagan community, and published locally as well.  I purchased all three books at the Midwest Witches Bazaar back in October where I was a vendor. I also got my copies autographed that way, which was pretty cool. I also know Rowan through Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy, which sort of rounds out the connections in a fascinating way for me.

These are fairly easy reads, meant for younger children (though I’m sure older children will like them too). Each has a glossary at the end of words that might be unfamiliar and instructions for a craft to do with your children. The illustrations are described as “whimsical” and I guess that’s a decent term – they’re  watercolor, and very fitting. Each book keeps things positive, appropriate for teaching children, and there are many open ended statements to allow families to discuss as they read.

The first book, Who is a Witch? presents the idea that witches can be anyone, and gives some descriptions of things they do.

The second, What is Magic? presents the idea that there are different ways to practice magic, and different ideas about how it works.

The third, What are the Elements? presents many different thoughts on elemental correspondences and how they can be used.

More books are planned, though there is no timeline for their release. The intent is to stick with giving information in small portions so that families can pick and choose which topics are appropriate and/or useful for them.

I have to say, What is Magic? is my favorite of these three, and Who is a Witch? is my least favorite. Part of that is probably that I really like the way the author approaches the idea of magic. And part is that I feel like starting with the first book being about witches introduces a concept that could probably wait a while to be introduced, but since there’s no need to read the books in order, it probably doesn’t really matter.


Disclaimer: I paid for the books, all opinions are mine. There are lots of affiliate links in this post.

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  1. I just came across your blog and review. I illustrated these books and I wanted to say thank you for our wonderful review.

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