The Magic(k) of Fire


Last night the power went out in a major thunderstorm. We ended up having most of our dinner by oil lamp – a new experience for my children, given the rarity of open flames in our home. When you live with someone who uses oxygen, you’re supposed to stay at least 10 feet from flames,  and it’s not like small children understand distance all that well.

Luckily Leaf has been almost entirely oxygen free for the last 4-5 months, though an illness over the weekend had her back on for a few days.

Initially, the little ones found the darkness disconcerting. But the lamp was clearly enchanting once it wss lit.

The enchantment didn’t last into bed time – anxiety abounded,  with the requisite changes in routine that come with no electricity.

We know fire brings the power of change. Even my children recognized that. How many of us have lost that sense of wonder when it comes to lighting candles on the altar?

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