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Review: 3 e-books from Shanddaramon

A 3-for-1 review: 3 very short 3-books from Shanddaramon. All three were free when I got them for the Kindle.

Sabbats of the Northern Hemisphere

This is a very short explanation of Sabbats – 5 pages of useful text, 3 of the author’s other works, a title page, and a cover.

Each sabbat is described by a 6-line poem; there are 4 lines of exposition at the beginning and a 2 line conclusion. I have to say that I’m not fond of the poetry – the meter is sometimes awkward and quite a few of the rhymes are stretching it.

It does teach a little bit about each sabbat, giving the date and a little thought about the season that the sabbat represents and mentions some sabbat appropriate activity that children can do.

A Pagan Book of ABCs

The title page says this is an activity book. There are no activities, just the alphabet, with a statement for each letter.

On the plus side, the 8 Sabbats, the sun, moon and stars, the 4 elements are included in the “A is for….” type statements.

On the minus side, the note to parents says that other alphabets are included, in various colors, but they don’t appear to have transferred into the digital file.

It’s cute…but it’s very short. There are 6 screens of alphabet, 3 pages of the author’s other works, and a page and a half of notes for parents.


The Twelve Days of Yule

While the notes for parents makes a point to talk about astrology, there’s no mention of it for the children. And as with one of the other books in this review, it states on the title page that this is an activity book, but the only activity is a short ritual for each of the 12 days of Yule.

And even so….the ritual is to light a candle the first night, 2 the second, and so on…with a theme for each candle. There’s no further discussion of this ritual, no deeper discussion of where the themes come from or what they represent, no other parts to it except to light the candles, and no other activities related to the various themes for each night.

All in all…not my favorite by a long shot. I think if I was going to include some sort of candle lighting each day I’d want something to go with it.

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