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Review: Solstice Moon, Solstice Sun

Solstice Moon, Solstice Sun by Maire Durkan, Illustrated by Ellen Durkan

We got this book last year when it came out, and I instantly fell in love. It tells the story of a young owlet who is missing his friends during the long cold winter while they’re hibernating. His mother tells about the Holly King, the turn of the seasons, and the deeper meaning of the season.

It’s a beautiful hardbound book – the initial images that were published convinced me to participate in a crowdfunding pre-order of this book and a poster before they were published. The pictures are so detailed that I find new things every single time I read it, and I’m sure the kids will have the same experience as we read it each year.

My little ones loved this book last winter, and I can’t wait to read it to them again this year.

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