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The Fruits of the Overgrown Path

pathway with fence on one side, shed on the other, and trees over the top
the view of the back corner once you get past the mulberries

The back corner of our yard has, in the more than a decade we’ve lived here, become the place I leave offerings and libations. Particularly for Big Dark & Scary – libations are a significant part of my relationship with Her.

This year things have been busy, and the opportunities for ritual have been few.

For the holiday weekend, I wanted to make use of the mulberries that grow everywhere in our yard. In the past, we’ve picked handfuls to eat, but not much more, because the “bushes” are trees taller than our 2-story Colonial home. Surprisingly, the branches we normally can reach were far out of reach this year – apparently the continued pruning to keep them high enough to mow over is finally working.

Instead, along the back fence, near my little devotionary corner, there’s a new “volunteer” bush. It, along with other plants back there, have taken over the corner.

Overgrown Mulberries
Mulberries as tall as the shed in one year.

The interesting thing was that this new bush had plenty of berries in reach – in all states of ripeness (or lack thereof).  So I got my berries anyway, thanks to the plants overgrowing the  corner that I think of as mine.

And a thought occurred to me: Sometimes, even when our path becomes overgrown, it still bears fruit. It’s often hidden, and we have to look for it – but then, if we hadn’t let the path become overgrown, there wouldn’t be fruit to look for.

What fruit has your path brought you lately?

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