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Review: Rhiannon’s Wiccan Journey

Cover of Rhiannon's Wiccan Journey Coloring Book

Disclaimer: I bought the coloring book, and all opinions are my own.

A while ago (gosh, probably 10 years now that I think of it), I met Apollo and GeGe, the authors of this coloring book, through SpiralScouts. Apollo and I split a vending table at ConVocation, my first time going there. They showed us this coloring book, and I was really excited – we didn’t have kids at the time, but we wanted kids, and I really wanted there to be resources for them.

There are a few more resources now, but not as many as I’d like, which is why I started this site.

At any rate,they moved away,and a couple of years ago, we ran into Apollo again, and learned that GeGe had passed away. Apollo still has the coloring book for sale, though. So when I started doing reviews, I contacted him to see if he’d be ok with me reviewing his book.

The pictures are really nice, with lots of important little details:

rhiannon1 rhiannon2 rhiannon3 rhiannon4

The overall story running through the book is more the history of magic and witches rather than strictly Wiccan- everything from tribal practices in hunter-gatherer societies to the rise of Christianity to modern witchcraft and Wiccan beliefs. There are Gods and Goddesses to color at the end of the book too.

Age wise, I’d say this is for older kids who still color. My guess is that most parents will need to do some explaining to their kids about some parts, so I’d advise pre-reading just to be sure you know what’s going to be mentioned and so you can plan to explain if need b – as with most Pagan things these days, not everyone is going to agree on everything.

These are coil bound, 72 pages (printed single sided), and can be purchased by messaging Apollo on the Rhiannon’s Wiccan Journey’s facebook page.


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