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Herding Cats: May 20, 2012

Black cat next to a computer keyboard

Herding Cats

A post of Pagan parenting resources – groups, blogs, crafts for kids, and so on.

This week is also mostly blog posts. Upcoming topics for this column include coloring pages, craft sites, and more – got a suggestion for a theme for Herding Cats? Just let me know!

Pagan Homeschool – Homeschooling mom of 3, lots of ideas both Pagan and more secular

Mom’s a Witch – a wide variety of posts, plus a fairly active facebook page

The Baby, The Mother, and The Goddess – fair warning, she has music playing, and the button to turn it off is at the bottom of the page (a pet peeve of mine). A newer blog, but lots of potential.

Diary of a Super Green Vegan Witch – not updated much recently, but good stuff in the archives

Paganism/Wicca site on About.com – not strictly parenting info, but I’ve linked directly to the family directory of posts on the site. Lots of good ideas and suggestions about a wide variety of topics

Check out my new energy work page, http://www.facebook.com/GoodVibrationsEnergyStudio

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