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Herding Cats: May 13, 2012

Herding Cats

A post of Pagan parenting resources – groups, blogs, crafts for kids, and so on.

This week I’m spotlighting blogs by Pagan parents that I read regularly.

The Littlest Druid – stories about a young Druid in training

Pagan Parenting Resource Blog – not frequently updated, but lots of interesting activities.

The Crunchy Pagan Parent – most of her posts are more crunchy/attachment/natural parenting than Pagan, but there are a few in there.

Ozark Pagan Mamma – An ADF mamma with ties to Celtic and Heathen gods. Lots of activities and deep thoughts

Witch Mom Blog – a UU Pagan mom

The Pagan Mom Blog – Pagan mom Angela writes about a wide variety of things, and has live tweeted several school board meetings in her area about religion & schools.

Witchy Mom’s Homeschool & Organic Gardens – a Pagan homeschooling family

Very Nearly Hippy – a kitchen witch and Heathen mom (and all-around fun person), organizer of Omaha Witch Walk & Driving force behind VinLand foundation, which helps Pagan families in need.

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