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Herding Cats: a Recurring List of Pagan Parenting Resources

Herding Cats

An occasional feature post of Pagan parenting resources – groups, blogs, crafts for kids, and so on.

My intention is for this to be an ongoing feature. Got a resource you’d like me to mention? Feel free to spam me with your own links if they’re appropriate,or other favorite sites you find useful. Just email jcallahan240 at gmail dot com and put “Herding Cats” in the subject line.

Since this is our first week, I’m going to stick with some links I know well.

The Pagan Household – not strictly parenting related (though there’s a number of great posts in the archives). I’ve guest posted here.

The Pagan Village – Pagan parenting site with groups for discussion and a variety of blog posts. I’ve guest posted here too, and have a feature running the rest of the year with our plans for the Sabbats and how they actually work out.

Our Little Acorn – my own blog about Pagan parenting and special needs parenting.

Pagan Parenting – a facebook group, run by Velody of Treegold and Beegold, an Etsy shop with goodies for Pagan kids.

Pagan Dad – Patrick writes a lot of good Pagan parenting posts, and has a newsletter with stories for Pagan kids

Pagans Parenting Special Needs – a facebook group for Pagan parents whose children have special needs.

My Pinterest Boards – I’ve got a board for each of the 8 Sabbats with kids craft and food ideas.



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