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Back in the Studio

It has been far too long since I’ve been in my studio working on arts & crafts. My goal for June is to get at least a half day every week to make new things – especially since I’ll be vending at the Midwest Witches Bazaar in October, and I want to have a good mix of products there.

tumbled stones
tumbled stones available for making runes


One thing at the top of my list is runes. When we sold off most of our business 5 years ago, I kept only a handful of rune sets, and haven’t had much time for working with them since then. The stones photographed above are what I’ve got ready to go right now – hematite, tiger eye, amethyst, quartz, moon stone, fluorite, and a mixed batch of tumbled stones to use either as mixed sets or to pull enough specific stones out for a set.

It always feels good to get back to work – creation is a spiritual journey.

As always, if there’s a stone you’re interested in that I don’t have, please let me know – I have numerous sources and can find almost anything.


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