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Times, they are a changin’

Life is always chaotic when you have little ones running about, but at our house, it’s especially so, because our little ones each have multiple medical issues. There are doctors appointments every month, and quite a number of therapy hours every week, on top of the normal kid things like eating and sleeping and bathing.

In an effort to inject some sanity, and based on several recent hospitalizations, my husband is going to cut his work schedule to have more time to help manage all the daily living things around here, plus those appointments. That does put us a little behind on our budget, but we will make do – it’s not so much that any of the important bills (like the electric that keeps oxygen flowing and our youngest one’s ventilator running all night), but it is enough to put some of the extra therapy things we’re doing in jeopardy.

To that end, being the kind of witch I am, I’m going to start figuring out how to build in time for the business end of things around here – I already have a business, now it’s time to manifest the funds we need, right?

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