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Trying to reorganize

Long time, no post. It has been a rather complicated year, with the baby spending more than 9 months in the hospital, my husband breaking his leg in a car accident, and so on and so on. It’s kind of put spiritual life on hold, because there’s just been too many other things that needed to be dealt with.

But it’s time to get reorganized, and get things back into a more regular rhythm.

I’ve been studying with FWTI’s degree program, which has been interesting. Having things rooted in our household rather than in a coven out there somewhere is a good place for me right now – I often don’t have the time or energy to put things together to go somewhere else, and even when I do, I have to leave my son with my husband – we have no one who can babysit,  because of his medical issues  – and that takes up one of my “credits” for time that I will take solo baby duty.

Another thing I’ve been studying this past few months is Zen Buddhism. I really like the zen approach to dealing with suffering – separating emotions from events. Not that emotions aren’t important, but I have a bad habit of getting tied up in the emotion, rather than dealing with it and moving on.

For the record: me and antidepressants have some issues…like not being able to write or meditate. There’s a fine line between enough meds to cope with major issues, and too much. I gave up on them again a few months ago, and I suspect I will be working on more effective ways for me to deal with life.

For now though, I am feeling more connected to my Gods than I have in months, more whole, more comfortable in my skin, and more at peace with where I am on the path. I do not need power over others to be powerful. I do not need to stand in my own way of manifesting the things I need and want. I am beautiful, and I am Goddess – and so are all of you.

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