How Do You Walk This Path?

There are dozens – probably hundreds – of types of Pagans. We each approach our spiritual connections a little different, and our physical connections to our families, our co-religionists, our communities (both Pagan and mundane), and even to our selves a little differently.

Some tread lightly on the mundane world, leaving no sign of their faith. Others are more the bull in a china shop, making sure everyone knows they’re Pagan, in the most flashy and obnoxious way possible. Most of us are somewhere in between, less public sometimes, more public at others.

We’re the same amongst the Pagan community – some big name Pagans, some wanna-be BNPs, some who never show up to any public events, and some who become local personalities, known to most everyone because of their appearances to local events.

How do you walk this path? With a heavy step, or a light step?Plodding along, or dancing? Does it ever occur to you that the way you walk is a part of the path too, a part of the choices you make on this path?

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