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It occurred to me this morning that blogging (and, by extension, writing in general) is something I use as a magickal tool.

In most magickal systems, we talk about words having power – and writing weaves those words together. Writing creates a sigil of sorts – while the typical sigil condenses an idea into a single symbol, writing works in something of an opposite way, constructing lots of little symbols into a coherent whole (where the post or article or poem or story is, as a whole, the sigil).

The beauty of blogging is the submit button. It’s the ultimate symbol of sending that energy out into the universe – you know that while you might go back and edit your post, you must assume that people will have already read that initial burst of words as soon as you hit submit, and thus it’s hard to change what you’ve written once it’s sent. It’s somewhat akin to the commonly used technique of writing on a piece of paper and then burning it in ritual.

My preferred usage for this technique is for transforming negative energy into something more positive, or for drawing specific things into my life. I frequently post something because I’ve spent too much time thinking about it – and at the moment, battling depression and under a lot of stress, it’s easy for that energy to build up in a destructive way – and by posting, I can let it go, and forget about it (which is what is typically done with sigils – charge, release, and ignore).

So, when stress builds up, I use that energy to write down all the things that are bothering me, in hopes of excising them from my life, and I post that on my blog. I always feel better after I do, because I’ve cleared out the energy blockage and have provided a way for the energy to be more productive.

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