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For the last couple of years, I’ve been leaving my libations and offerings in the back corner of our yard – particularly full moon and dark moon offerings, but others as the mood strikes me. It’s piled with large landscaping rocks, and we’ve always left it to grow somewhat wild – though the fire pit is only there because the lawn care crew moved it out of their way:

Back corner of the yard

When we first moved here, the yard was mostly just dirt and rock. Up near the fence line at the front of the house, there are violets – and they’ve stayed there, until this year, when suddenly we had a whole bunch of them here in my offering corner – and while it’s possible they’ve spread the last few years all the way along the side fence, there were virtually no blooms along there this past month – just the cluster at the front of the house, and the cluster back here.

I’m taking this as a good sign, among several others, that the offerings have been accepted and are much appreciated. This is one of two spots in the yard that I think really need some sort of statue or other symbol of the gods, I just haven’t quite figured out what yet.

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