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Pagan Blog Project: Kali

Kali, who I commonly refer to with the epithet “Big, Dark, and Scary,” has been one of my patrons since I started working towards my mother priestess initiation 6 years ago.

Her statement to me then – that she would help me with anything if I asked wisely – is as true today as it was then. I’m cautious about the things I ask for her help with, because frankly, she IS scary at times, and if you don’t occasionally get a little creeped out when you realize that Gods and Goddesses are a lot like us, but with more power, you probably should contemplate it for a while.

She is not as one-dimensional as she’s often portrayed, but then that’s true of many of the old Gods. She is kind and loving, and she’s a drill sergeant, and she’s occasionally destruction incarnate…but sometimes that’s what we need.

Finally, a couple bits of UPG (unverified personal gnosis) – she is sarcastic, and she likes dark liquor, particularly bourbun.

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2 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project: Kali”

  1. Wandering around Leonie’s forums and found you. Kali is a favorite of mine, as are all the “dark” goddesses – very much enjoyed this post! and your truth and humor around Kali!

  2. I can confirm your UPG about the bourbon. It’s either red wine or bourbon in my puja room. The most interesting thing that I’ve experienced with Kali – and I didn’t expect this – is that she doesn’t take it personally when I get angry with her. There have been times where I felt like she didn’t protect me or didn’t warn me in some way, and if I was really upset I just lashed out at her. And instead of beating my ass like I expected her to, she was loving and sympathetic.

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