Pagan Blog Prompts: Growth

This week’s Pagan Blog Prompt is Growth and the signs of it we see around us.

A big one for us this time of year is birthdays  and anniversaries – our wedding anniversary and both of our childrens’ birthdays fall in a 4 week period stretching from late May through mid-June.

A more personal one is the direction I’m going with my writing. I always said I didn’t want to write about Pagan parenting, or write for kids at all, and yet I’m finding my niche there – growing confident in the experiences I’m having with my children, and in the dissatisfaction I’m finding with the varied resources out there, and my ability to do something about it (even as the time to do that is limted).

The roses are in bloom in my front yard, and the violets in the side yard and the back yard. There are more squirrels this year than we’ve seen before, and there’s tree pollen everywhere – more signs of the spring & summer growth of the world around us.

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