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Pagan Blog Project: Gods (and Goddesses)

Depending on what sort of Pagan you are, there are different beliefs about the Gods. Some folks think of them as Jungian archetypes. Others believe they’re just facets of a greater single divine power. Still others think they’re individual entities, and even some of them think that there’s still a greater overarching power.

I’m not always sure where I fall on that continuum of belief, but mostly I stick to the idea that the Gods present themselves as individuals, so I work on the assumption that they are.

One of the runes, Gebo (also a G – how fitting for this week), means gift. Gebo is shaped like an X. In my training on runes, one of the primary meanings of Gebo is “gift” – and that’s symbolized by that X shape. It symbolizes the connections between the giver and the receiver, > and < – but it also symbolizes the relationship we have with the Gods, the gifts we receive from them and the offerings and worship we give them, ^ and v.

All in all, that’s how I see my relationship with the Gods and Goddesses I have relationships with. Energy shared and exchanged, respect and a good working relationship, and a long history together, getting to know each other. That’s what the Gods are for me.

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