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Where I’m Going

I’ve spent some time thinking lately about how to organize my thoughts in a way that will explain the things I believe. I’ve thought about how I would teach someone else to do what I do. And honestly, I’m somewhat at a loss. This is experiential – it’s not something I can always explain, nor is it the kind of thing where I can just say, ‘believe this, and everything will work out.’

I’ve thought about the religious education of my childhood, to see if there were themes I ought to follow, or logic there to guide me, but as a child, religion came from a book, and this…is not the same. As a child, the story from the Bible was read to us, and we were told what important things we should gain from this story. When I was older, teaching came by way of reading Bible passages, and discussing; we were led by a pastor who told us when we were right or wrong.

I find myself suddenly understanding my grandmother’s statement, back when I was 10, that she couldn’t teach me how to sew, but that she would watch me sew, and then show me how it could be better. I thought it was one of the stupidest things I’d ever heard back then; now I see the truth of the statement.

This is a religion of doing, not a religion of talking, or reading, or sitting back and watching the movie of life play out in front of us. Not that these things aren’t important, but that the action of doing them, and soaking up the information, in a way that it can be put to use, is something more holistic than just sitting and hearing a lecture.

And so, maybe the things I do are the place to start, and explain what’s behind those things as I go.

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