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It’s Finally Ready!

I’ve spent much of the last month working on an ebook and meditation for parents of small children who are interested in doing energy work on/for/with their little ones. I’m finally ready to release it into the wild:

Energy Work For Pagan Tots, written for parents of children five and under, includes an ebook on various types of energy work (grounding/centering, chakra clearing, and shielding) that you can do with even the youngest children, and gives practical applications for some of them as well. There is also a guided meditation for children, in both text and mp3 form. $4.95 gets you the whole kit!

On that same page, you can also sign up for my free mini-course on planning for holiday celebrations year after year.

If you run into any difficulties with either class, please let me know. This is a new system for me, and though I’ve tried to think of everything, it wouldn’t surprise me to find some bugs.


Meanwhile, if you’re looking to make a little spare cash, I’m also rolling out an affiliate program. Right now, just the energy work kit is available, but I am shutting down my Etsy shop and moving all of the Pagan goodies I make over here. Chakra and element colored silk altar cloths, runes, pendulums, and a few Pagan baby gifts are all going up in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll see what else after that.



Check out my new energy work page,

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