A few more site updates

Since the last update, I have:

  • Added more than a dozen links to groups, other blogs, artists, writers, and Pagan resources
  • Added recommended links to books at amazon.com
  • Updated the workshops page, including a few more hands-on type classes
  • Deleted a ton of spam comments
  • Posted 2 new essays (which makes 3 months in a row that I posted actual material – that may be a new record for me)
  • Updated the work-in-progress page again, with the announcement of a publication date for Manifesting Prosperity

As a reminder, we’ll be vending at Convocation this year, February 21-24. I’m looking for a few other good venues that are reasonably local for this year as well.

Check out my new energy work page, http://www.facebook.com/GoodVibrationsEnergyStudio

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