Pagan Blog Prompt: Illness

How do you deal with illness?
Does being sick hinder your magic work?
Do you employ magic to make yourself healthy again?
What about others? Do you work magic to heal other people?
Honestly, I’m terrible about using magic for myself – I even forget about herbal and other holistic remedies when I’m sick much of the time (though with the help of a naturopath, I’m getting better at holistic things). I’m better about remembering that there are options when it comes to my kids, but I’m also cautious about what I do, both in terms of magic and in terms of other treatments.
Around here, we do use a fair amount of mainstream western medicine, but we’re also dealing with some medical conditions that are down right life-threatening (severe asthma in my case, my son needing heart surgery and a ventilator as an infant, and now my daughter having the same condition as my son) and some that are challenging no matter what the treatment modality (like infertility).
I’m fully of the opinion that the Gods didn’t give us brains and creativity to watch us sit back and die when there are other options. So we use holistic treatments – including Reiki and spellwork and other options – as complementary treatments, not primary ones.
With that said, I’m off to take some elderberry syrup to try to ward off the sinus ick that’s going around my son’s daycare….
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1 thought on “Pagan Blog Prompt: Illness”

  1. With issues such as those, I don’t blame you for saving the natural/magical remedies as secondary. I can’t imagine trying to heal an infant’s heart condition with magic and herbs alone. Best of luck in avoiding that sinus bug, and thanks for sharing on Pagan Blog Prompts.

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