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Pagan Blog Project: Energy Work

I’ve missed a few weeks, but this is an E week, and I’m picking up where I left off. Check out all the posts linked up over at Pagan Blog Project

We do a lot of energy work here, and not just Reiki. I “see” energy as colors and vibrations. I’ve worked some with Rún Valdr (also known as Runic Reiki). I ground and center. I’ve worked with methods to balance all 5 elements. I’ve done Tai Chi and felt the energy flow. I’ve worked with crystals and colors and sound vibrations.

But at its heart, all methods of energy work, no matter how you perceive the energy, are about balance and flow. And however it works best for you – whatever method you choose, the results are the same: bringing you (and whomever you’re working on/with) back into balance.

Check out my new energy work page,

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