Pagan Blog Prompt: Connecting

How do you connect with other Pagans?
Do you have a local group you can meet with on a regular basis?
If you can’t connect with local people, where online do you connect with people of like mind?
What’s the hardest part about connecting with other Pagans?
These days, the vast majority of my connections are online. I don’t have a regular local group to practice with, and life has gotten in the way of getting my own group started.
I’m a distance-member of a coven that focuses on family practice, so I have that group. I’m active in a Pagan writing group online, and in several Pagan Parenting groups.
I think the hardest part of making in-person connections right now is that my home life is pretty darn complicated, with two small children, each with their own complex medical issues. There are only so many hours in the day, and I’m already not sleeping enough…
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1 thought on “Pagan Blog Prompt: Connecting”

  1. Thanks for sharing with us at PBP. Forgive my delay in stopping by – a severe head cold kinda took over my life, and my normal online stops were ignored.

    With your situation, I don’t blame you for not connecting on a local level – sometimes there just isn’t what you need nearby.

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