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Pagan Blog Project: Blood

Hospital life is still eating up my time, so I missed the first week of B prompts. This week I’m writing about blood.


Most Pagan groups are against using blood in ritual. I find that it can be useful in specific situations.

Menstrual blood has been useful to me in fertility rites, for example. It’s a symbol of life and death all at the same time. And one of my Matron Goddesses finds it to be an appropriate offering.

I’ve used blood to create a protective element for someone else before – someone I was sure needed my help, and who I trusted with that part of myself.

Mostly, though, I feel like there’s nothing we can’t use – if the Divine is immanent, it is in my blood and yours, just as sure as it is in the rocks and trees. Why wouldn’t we use this lovely symbol in our rituals?

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