Writing Process: The Inner Critic & Magic

I’ve been battling my inner critic lately when it comes to writing. Not that this is a new thing, but that right now it’s clear to me that this is an internal fight, not just a matter of available time and brain cells. (Side note: frankly, the more I read about inner critics, the more I think “available time and brain cells” is one of the critic’s tricks too – I frequently get more done when I’m busy.)

IC’s big lie lately is, “You’re nothing special, why would anyone want to read something you’ve written?” And my response, once I heard that statement clearly, was, “Right. Nothing special. I’m published – I’ve been paid for some of that work. I’m capable of taking on doctors for two small children with complex medical issues, along with all of their care. I’ve got an engineering degree, I’ve taught classes on numerous subjects, and I’ve made money via art. If that’s nothing special, I don’t know what you think it takes to be special.”

At any rate, I’ve been thinking the last few days that the first thing I ought to do to get IC under control is to write about him/her/it….and in researching, I started thinking that maybe even better is to do some serious magick around the whole concept.

One article [1] suggests that when the inner critic throws up a roadblock, we should ask it how to solve the problem instead then, which sounds a lot like working with a magickal entity. The article also suggests questioning the critic about who it is, where it came from, and what it wants. Interestingly, that sounds to me like the discernment ceremonial magick uses when calling spirits.

So….I’ve got this thoughtform, IC, and while it’s irritating, there might be ways to make it work for me. I don’t have to create it – clearly it’s already there.


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