Public Schools and Pagan Kids

One of my many hats is as an admin for a large Pagan parenting forum. And over the years, it’s seemed to me that subjects come up several times in a short time, and then come back around a year or two later.

Problems with public schools and religion are one of those subjects.

As this school year closes, a little reflection points out the number of times parents have posted about flyers about Christian clubs coming home in their child’s backpack, and the number of times parents have posted about how to handle holidays.

It’s legal for schools to send home flyers about after school activities. Activities during the school day are questionable. It’s ok even if there is a permission slip – just don’t sign it.

On the other hand, if you want those sorts of things to stop, your best bet is to propose a Pagan after school club. Need some ideas on how to do that? Let’s chat – leave a comment below.

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