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Magickal Thinking

There are a lot of definitions of magick out there, but most revolve around somehow using energy to make changes in the physical world.

The connotations of those definitions imply that it’s mental energy at work. That other forms of energy (money, elbow grease, etc) aren’t really magick. And I see how that follows the community as a whole, even those who don’t practice magick, and impacts the way they see the community as a whole.

They think to themselves, “this is a magickal community, and magick will solve all its problems and give us all the things we want.”

But, just as doing a prosperity spell and then sitting on the couch waiting for money to fall out of the sky will not get you a job, wishing and hoping for libraries and community centers and charities won’t get them without putting in some more physical types of energy.

Why is it that we hear all the time that you have to do the mundane stuff along with the magickal to get the best results, but we don’t apply it to our own communities?

I’m starting to think that it’s because we (as a community, on average) are thinking in this sort of fake-magickal style, rather than rationally, or even truly magickally. We want the benefits of a big community without putting in the mundane work to make it happen, rather than putting in the work, or putting in both the mundane efforts and the magickal efforts.

We want a library, where we can borrow books for free, and we want it to have every book we could possibly want (and none of those scary books that are too intense) and it should all just appear because we will it to be so. Where are the books going to come from? Well, someone will donate them. How will we pay for the building? Our Pagan businesses will sponsor it, or someone will donate money to cover the rest of us. (And how will the business be making enough profit to do that? Someone will shop there.)

I wish I knew this “someone” who makes things happen, and has money to spend…they sound like the kind of person I want to hang out with, the kind of person I want in my community.

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