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Ways to Use Reiki with Kids

If you know me, you’ve heard my stories about using Reiki with my kids – from Reiki in the NICU to Reiki on the little bumps and bruises that kids get to getting my kids to sleep.

Little Miss B, at 6, comes over asking us to kiss every injury – I kiss my hand (because sheesh, it’s always a toe or some other really inconvenient place she wants a kiss) and put my hands over the spot to do Reiki. Within moments, she says, “All Better” and takes off.

One of my goals with my new energy work practice is to do more work with families and children, particularly those with special needs. So, I decided to start looking at what other people were doing with kids out there, and got rather frustrated with the things I was reading.

So, I think I’m going to work on putting some stuff out there on Reiki and children. I’m also prepping a class for parents on doing Reiki on their children.  Interested? Comment below!

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