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Review: Rock On!

So, I’ve been on the hunt for things for us to do as a family on the weekends.  Weekends around here are challenging – the adults want down time, the kids struggle with unstructured time, and we don’t always share the same ideas about how to have a good time.

To that end, I’ve been reading books on doing yoga with special needs children, got certified to teach kids yoga via Pretzel Kids, researching games that are cooperative and less turn-based and less counting based, bringing snow into the kitchen as a sensory bin, trying to figure out how to store all the puzzles the kids have gotten over the years and….trying not to pull my hair out.

One of the games we picked up recently is called Rock On. It’s a geology-based game, but parents could quite easily add on metaphysical properties, and it’s a great teaching tool for stone and crystal identification.

There are different levels of play for kids who are more or less skilled in geography – we’re still working on the easiest “matching” level, which doesn’t require any questions. There are full color charts for both the main unpolished stones and the tumbled stones that are used as markers.

All in all, a fun time all around, and a great collection of crystals to get started learning about them.


Rock On game box



As is almost always the case, I bought this product myself, and the review represents my opinion.

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