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Fall already?

How in the world has it been 8 months since my last post?  My goal this year was weekly…but it’s been that kind of year. We’ve started new therapies with the kids, and had some new health things crop up with them. I’ve had some more intense things come up at work that have required my attention. We’re without a housekeeper at the moment, so laundry and cleaning toilets has to fit in there too.

mom with multiple arms doing all the jobs

I’ve been working on doing a better job of time management, and of planning how to get business things done. And…I’ve decided to take a break from learning about marketing and running a business to actually write…which is a huge part of my business.

I’m writing a (public) monthly Pagan Parenting Tip of the Month (PPTotM) on Patreon and I’ve started posting outlines and work in progress on “Magical Parenting” over there (for patrons only). I’m writing a  Pagan parenting advice column on PBN news.  I’m getting some help to get back on the newsletter horse, so to speak, and hired someone to help pull that together every month. I’m scheduling local in-person classes. I’m doing more business networking locally. I’m on the hunt for a space for local classes and for doing Reiki and other energy work, because I want a space that is mine, and because the local scene for those sorts of spaces are pretty full.

School here starts in about a week and a half, and my goal is to talk more here on my blog about special needs kids, and holidays, and putting it all together. I signed us up as our own little 2-child splinter of a local Pagan youth group, and I’m working on building that into our schedule too.  The kids thrive on routines and schedules, and I need them to keep me from dropping any of the balls I’m juggling 🙂

So, here’s to the new school year, and to more consistency….

Check out my new energy work page,

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