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Magical Winter Break Camp

Brace yourself. Winter break is coming!

Magical Winter Break Camp 2016 with tent and people sitting around a campfire

And with it comes, “Mom, I’m booooored!” from the kid who just got new toys.

Every year, I think, “The kids have this whole week off school between Christmas and New Years. We should do something fun as a family! Maybe we should take a trip, or go to some museums, or build a snow fort!”

And then the holidays hit with all their busy-ness, and winter break rolls around, I realize that I have no plan, and we’re going to be home all week with nothing to do but get on each others’ last nerve.

Actually…that happens with every school break.

Not all summer, because the kids are at camp.

So, maybe we need a camp!

Do you want to do something fun this year for break with the kids?

Do you want to do something magical with the kids?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was some sort of camp they could go to and have fun all week?

This year, I’m hosting a free virtual camp during winter break. FIVE days with an assortment of camp-style activities for you and your children to do together. Activities will be suitable for any weather, and a wide range of ages.

Each morning you’ll get an email with a  list of magical activities in a variety of categories. Discussion and reporting out of the fun you’ve had will happen in the Magical Moms Club facebook group, but you need to be registered for camp to get the day’s activities and to receive your camp swag.

Complete at least one activity from each day by the end of the holidays (11:59 pm, January 1, 2017 eastern time) and your children each will receive a Magical Winter Break Camp 2016 button in the mail.

Registration for camp (FREE!) will be open until 6 pm (eastern time) December 24th, and camp starts with your first email early on the morning of December 26th. Click here to register!

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