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On Magical Parenting

So, I’ve been tossing around the idea of this thing called “magical parenting” for a while. It’s the subject of the next “big” book that I’m starting work on, and the reason behind the Magical Moms Club.

Magical parenting is the ways that parents build magic into their lives as parents. Being parents, especially parents of young children, makes it hard to “do magic” in the same way we did before kids.

We’re the parents who want make the mundane magical and to put the sparkle back in the everyday grind – who want parenting to be as magical as childhood is. We do Reiki on the children while waiting at the pediatrician’s office, put crystals in the kids’ backpacks when they send them off to school, plan playdates by the moon phase, make wishes on dandelion fluff right along with the little ones, encourage tree hugging and talking to the moon, and try to live our truth every day.

A lot of us are exhausted, because no one has told us how to do this thing. We used to have a pretty spiritual vibe going, and can’t figure out how to get that groove back with little ones running about and touching everything and just….being themselves. We have needs, kiddo has needs, and we can guess who’s going to get their needs taken care of first.

“I’m gonna go meditate” doesn’t work if your toddler is climbing on you and your kindergartener still won’t wipe her butt and your baby isn’t sleeping through the night (so neither are you). And time for self care? Yeah…no, because if you’re gone more than an hour you’re not sure the house will still be standing when you get home. That women’s circle was great, but only allows babes-in-arms, and then only if they’re “good” babies (whatever that means), or your coven or grove doesn’t do kids, and so now you have to get a sitter to go…but getting a sitter to even go on a date is a challenge.

Mostly….we’re moms who need help finding the magic in their everyday lives, because life is so different as a mom than it was before motherhood (no offense, dads, but I see way more of this stuff from moms). And really, that means finding others who know where you are, and where you’ve been, and can walk this road with you.

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