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Maybe We Don’t Need MoonDay School

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

Part of the difference than Pagan religions and Abrahamic religions is that the Abrahamic folks (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) base their faith on words in a book. To follow their faith, they have to read it and learn what it says. Reading sounds a lot like school, don’t you think?

Think back: how did you really learn about your faith?  If you say “reading a book”…..ok, you read it, but then what? Did you do a ritual? Create an altar? Go outside and talk to the trees or the moon? You did more than just read a book, I’d hope….

Our faiths are about experiencing the divine. That’s part of the mystery – I can tell you all day about the great ritual I went to, about an experience with a Goddess, but until you experience it for yourself, you won’t actually know what it’s like.

I did some reading – it turns out Christian Sunday schools were largely a reaction to public schools – they were not teaching religion, so families needed another way to do it.

Here’s the thing, though. We have everything within us to know what to teach – we know how ritual works, we know the cycles of the moon, we know our gods and goddesses and their stories. We have incense to smell and fire to watch and crystals to feel and so many parts of our rites are active, not just standing around….so many experiences.

And what if they’re not understanding us and we have to keep trying to explain? Then we’re talking too much – go and DO – show, don’t tell. Light the candles. Burn the incense. Have FUN.

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