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The Color of Magic

At some point before I had kids, I went through a phase where I used nail polish constantly.  And then I got a job as an engineer, and mostly stopped, for a combination of practical and perception reasons.

But…one thing that I did after I stopped wearing polish all the time, was that I occasionally used it for magic.  And with it being summer, a time when it’s common to wear sandals and show off our toes, I thought it might be a good time to share this idea, because it’s something you can easily do with your kids too.

First, you’ll need a variety of nail polish colors.  At the time, I went for the tiny cheap bottles that come in a multi-pack, frequently available in typical big-box discount stores. Having lots of different colors to choose from means you can choose your result, and then pick the color you need, without having to plan to go to the store each time you think of something new.

Next, go find a list of color correspondences. Candle magic books frequently have them, or you can use your trusty internet connection and google. Decide what you’re planning to do with your spell work, and pick the appropriate color of nail polish.

Now, using your preferred ritual format, charge the bottle of nail polish for your desire, and then paint your toe nails. You can use different colors if that suits your purposes. Each step you take continues to charge the spell.

Let your nail polish wear off – paint over it with another color if you like, but don’t strip it off until you’ve either achieved your purpose or it has grown out completely (this is why I like toes nails for this – they grow fairly quickly and can always be covered by a pair of socks).

So, enjoy your summer and have fun with all the colors available to you!

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