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Into the Summer We Go

School is finally coming to an end here, and the wheel turns toward summer. It’s always interesting how quickly the kids take the idea of nice weather and run with it (sometimes literally…all the way to the park).

We’re always trying to figure out what to do for Litha (summer solstice, which has a lot of different names). Lots of people suggest sun themed crafts, and eating oranges. But fairy wands would be good too – think of the happenings of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  Maybe it’s a good time to start learning about tarot or some other form of divination…or about the herbs in your back yard.

Play some sun-themed music, and dance!

But usually, here, we celebrate in truly local fashion – we enjoy the weather, have a BBQ and maybe a bon fire, and enjoy the warm weather, which we know will be short lived.  We often have birthday cake (my son’s birthday is the week before solstice), and the kids enjoy bike rides and playing in the sprinkler. The weather in most of the spring Sabbats here doesn’t match up with the descriptions, but at least Litha comes close.


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